Hi I’m Jess!

I’m married to my best friend. He works so hard for our family and he is endlessly dedicated to us. He’s pretty awesome. We have two little ladies 9 and 5. They show up in my social media feeds quite often. They are magical little human beings and inspire me everyday. We added a new family member over the summer. His name is Finn and he’s the cutest Portuguese Water Dog on the planet. He’s also very smart and mischievous. Puppies are legit like having babies. They require a LOT of attention.

I’ve been photographing what feels like my whole life, but officially since 2013. The Photogrpahy bit was just the catalyst to an even greater purpose - I truly enjoy getting to know each and every single one of my clients that I can now call friends. You are allowing me into your world and trusting me to capture it with authenticity, love, and respect. What an honor. The ability to deliver a gallery of images that takes your breath away from the undeniable love that surrounds you is truly one of my greatest passions.