Hi I'm Jess.

beauty is simple and simple is real

straight to the point... 

photography makes me feel connected. I can tell stories that might not be told otherwise. I love the vulnerability that unfolds throughout a session  (from my clients and myself). We are learning to trust each other ... it's magic, It's rejuvenating, and such a honor. 

a little about me... 

I attended a private college here in St. Louis for graphic design. I've always been that artsy fartsy friend. I talk really high. I'm actually pretty darn shy. I have to consciously tell myself to speak up while out in public. I trust and believe in humanity. I try to live "glass half full" kind of life, but who's kidding who... that's hard sometimes.

Everything I have I owe to Him. 

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Defiance, MO  63341


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